Cement Tile Rug Adds Color and Charm to Living Room

Posted by William Buyok on

The bright hues in this cement tile rug provide a colorful centerpiece and tile rug for the room.

Traditional Clavel Rug with Alcala Border

In this custom design, you can see how cement tile provide a flexible and unique addition to the living space with a colorful rug. The main field or rug is created using our Traditional Clavel pattern with colors the customer selected from the Heritage Color Palette.  This traditional group of cement tiles is a great "design line" allowing the designer or homeowner to create their own unique look.  You need to allow about eight weeks for the full order plus additional time to choose the colors and confirm their use in the pattern.  Rather than choosing the "standard" Clavel border, the Alcala border was used with a similar color scheme developed for the main field.  Plain tiles are used outside the rug.

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