Cement Tile Rug Adds Glamour to Master Bath

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A master bathroom floor is adorned with an encaustic cement tile rug using two tile patterns: Sosua and Geometric Geo 10.  The traditional Sosua pattern is framed with a single row of Geo 10 tiles, creating a border.  The octagonal shape creates a bespoke design and elegant focal point in the open floor plan of this master bath.


In this master bath, a cement tile rug is created using  Avente's Traditional Sosua pattern

Using cement tile to incorporate a decorative element into any room or indoor/outdoor space is an attention-getting idea and design element. Cement tiles work well with stone to create a focal point that draws your attention while adding color and interest.

Design Idea for Cement Tile Rugs

Geometric tile patterns can be used to create a border with traditional patterns.  Here it is a nice transition from the tile rug to the stone flooring and provides a more modern design. Get creative with borders by cutting tile or alternating them with stone. Cement tiles are also an ideal way to add interest and design pizazz when using large format tiles in the room.

To help you envision the various application possibilities of cement tile, view and compare this rug idea with that of a Sosua Cement Tile Wall application where subtle shades of patterned cement tile naturally draw the eyes towards the tub area. Traditional Sosua Cement Tile can be complemented with Heritage Solid Color Cement Tile with more than 90 colors available.

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