Cement Tiles With a Hip Vibe

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Because of their durability and design flexibility, cement tiles are an excellent choice for commercial installations. With their vibrant colors and distinguished patterns, you'll often see them used in locations other than the floor. For this project, the designers chose cement tiles for the restaurant's counter. The bright red and white geometric pattern adds interest and balance to the clean lines and white colors of the mid-century inspired design.

Cement Tiles With a Hip Vibe

Parson's Chicken & Fish, the latest venture from Land and Sea Dept., offers fried chicken with a casual, hip atmosphere in Chicago.

"Just wanted to share our project that involved your tile. Stuff looks great, thanks." Robert Q. McAdams


Cement Tile Inspiration

The checkered wrappers found in fry and fish baskets served as the inspiration for the cement tile design of this establishment. The design team found colors from our existing Heritage Palette as close matches to their inspiration. The colors used for the cement tile are Indian Red (RO-035-A) and White (BL-010-A).

Our handmade Geometric Geo 09 Cement Tiles were used as wainscot for the counters. You too can make a statement with striking floors that enhance the theme of your entire commercial space. A Geometric cement tile pattern offers a sophisticated update with unexpected colors!

We invite you to browse through our complete line of Cement Tiles for standard colors and patterns. If you'd like to substitute colors, create custom colors, or a custom pattern, then please review our Cement Tile Customization Services and give us a call.

You can find more cement tile design ideas for kitchen backsplashes, floors and walls in our project and idea books on our houzz.com page, see what were pinning onto our Pinterest boards, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas portfolio page.

To gain a better understanding and appreciation of the manufacturing process, we invite you to watch how handmade cement tiles are made.

Cement Tile Installation Tip

Cement tiles are not only for residential interiors or exteriors. Did you know cement tile can be used on the floors, walls and ceilings of bathrooms and other wet areas of a commercial, hospitality or restaurant projects if they're sealed properly with a penetrating sealer? This step helps to avoid stains, while keeping the tiles watertight. Installing cement tile is a fairly simple process, but it must be done with care in order to achieve the best results. To fully enjoy the versatility of handmade cement tile, we recommend reading our Cement Tile FAQs page, or our Cement Tile Installation Guide.

Lastly, keep in mind that each cement tile is individually handmade. Slight variations, such as in thickness, shade, imperfections, and irregular edges are inherent to this type of product. These characteristics add to the product's natural appeal and do not compromise the performance of the tile. It is very important when installing to pull pieces at random from different boxes in order to achieve a better distribution and blending of the material.

If you need further assistance or have any questions about cement tile, then please feel free to call our offices at 888.739.4972 or email us at: Avente Tile.

Visit Parson's Chicken & Fish on Facebook for more images of this fun eatery!


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