Cuban Geometric Cement Tile Patterns

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This bold cement tile creates texture with its pattern tessellations and border. The floor installation uses standard eight-inch tiles and Cuban Heritage Design 210 in a custom colorway.

Cuban Geometric Cement Tile Patterns

We also stock most Cuban Heritage colorways and patterns in residential quantities for quick shipping. Since stock is often quickly depleted, it's best to allow six to eight weeks for the manufacture and delivery of the these handmade tiles.

Cuban Geometric Cement Tile Patterns

Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Color Substitutions

Each pattern has three standard colorways. You may substitute the colors used in any colorway; however, there is a 15% surcharge. Choose colors from the Heritage Color Palette. The price depends on the color chosen. In general, blues and greens will determine the color class. The light blues and greens are "B"; dark blues and greens are "C"; and all other colors are considered class "A".

When substituting colors for any Cuban Heritage pattern, it's a good idea to first purchase our Heritage Color Chip Set. Color chips provide accurate color rendering and allow you to find the best shade and hues for your project. Additionally, consider purchasing about four strike-off samples of each pattern. A strike-off sample allows you to see a sample before your full order is placed.

Cuban Heritage Tiles are Polished for Easy Installation

Consider using polished cement tiles for most interior installations and especially for any residential projects. Polished tiles have a moderate, flat satin look and are not as rough to the touch as "UNPOLISHED" tiles or raw concrete tiles. Polished tiles have a "lived in" feel with a softer satin sheen. This same effect will occur with normal care and use over time on floor tiles. You should consider polished tiles when using high-contrast colors and for vertical installations where buffing is difficult.

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