Cuban Tile Rug Makes Grand Entrance

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This commercial installation of cement tile uses a classic Cuban rug design in rich, warm colors that make a grand statement for the hotel lobby entry.

Cuban Tile Rug Makes Grand Entrance

Cuban Cement Tile

Cement or concrete tiles are often called Cuban Tile. The Cuban Heritage Design 110 3B shown here makes for a bold, warm and luxurious welcome for the guests at this exclusive Caribbean resort. The warm colors and prominent double border capture your attention and invite you in. This pattern is available in two additional colorways.


Cement Tile: A Designer's Dream

As you can see, Avente's Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles pay distinct homage to the bold colors and designs from beautiful, historic buildings in Havana and Camaguey. However, with nearly 90 colors in the Heritage Color Palette, you can easily customize them to fit any color scheme or style. They work equally well in contemporary and traditional styles. With all of the available options and choices for color and customization, it's easy to see why cement tiles are a designer's dream.


Cement Tiles: An Excellent Choice for Commercial Floors

Because they are so durable, cement tiles are perfect for commercial floor applications, or high-traffic residential spaces. The use of cement tile in high-traffic areas is quite common throughout Europe and South America where they can be seen in centuries-old churches, homes and businesses.



Of course, with these highly durable products comes longevity. Cement tiles have withstood decades of wear, which is an important factor for commercial floors. Cement tile's strength lies in its beauty, its design flexibility, and most notably, its ability to age gracefully since the manufacturing process dictates for the color layer to be 1/8"-thick.

If you are a hospitality, restaurant, or commercial design professional, our "design line" of cement tile can work for you! Don't hesitate to contact us. We have the knowledge and skill needed to make your design come to life in tile.

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