Fez Cement Tile Pattern Offers a Colorful Welcome

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Moroccan design and its various styling elements have always enjoyed great popularity. The same can also be said of Moroccan cement tile patterns with their playful geometric patterns that work well in both contemporary and traditional environments.

Fez Cement Tile Pattern Offers a Colorful Welcome

Stocked for quick delivery, our Fez line of Moroccan cement tile patterns can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors for many years. You can see how Fez offers the perfect welcome to any guest with this outdoor cement tile installation.

Cement Tile Tip

Cement tiles should be regularly mopped with clear water. A capful of liquid wax may be added to the water to improve the tiles' natural sheen. Also, never use acids to clean the tiles as they will sustain damage. Our handmade cement tile FAQs will help answer most, if not all, your questions about cement tile. If you need further assistance, please feel free to call our offices at 888.739.4972 or email us at: info@AventeTile.com.

Design Tip

Remember, although cement tile can be used outdoors, it cannot be used in frosty environments. If your project is located where frost or freezing temperatures are common, then we recommend using vitreous or porcelain tile for your project.

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