Geometric Cement Tile Medallion Creates Welcoming Commercial Entry

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Handmade cement tile is the perfect material of choice when it comes to creating a colorful focal point one that adds interest, style and dimension to any space, large or small.

Geometric Cement Tile Medallion Creates Welcoming Commercial Entry

In this installation, our Geometric Pattern #2 forms the field while our Traditional Isabela border cement tile frames the medallion.

The rich jewel tones of these cement tiles have transformed this entry from bland to a visual treat. Keep in mind that cement tiles are not only limited to use in low-traffic residential spaces. Because they are so durable, cement tiles are an excellent choice for commercial floor applications, or high-traffic residential spaces. It should be mentioned that the use of cement tile in high-traffic areas is quite common throughout Europe and South America where it can be seen on the floors, walls, steps and even ceilings, of centuries-old churches, homes and businesses.


Design Idea for Cement Tile Patterns

As part of our design line, the Geometric Cement Tile collection works differently than our other cement tile lines because it is designed to be customized to suit your design and specific color needs in conjunction with our Heritage Color Palette.

In terms of pricing, the amount will depend on the color chosen (Class A, B, or C) and finish (polished or unpolished). The price shown is the base price for unpolished tile using only Class "A" colors. In general, blues and greens will determine the color class. The light blues and greens are "B"; dark blues and greens are "C"; while other colors are class "A".

You can order the Geometric Geo 02 Cement Tile as its shown in our catalog, but remember, you'll need to allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery. Final price is based on color and finish and the price may not reflect the actual price of tile shown.

With all of the available options and choices for color and customization, it's easy to see why cement tiles are a designer's dream. If you are a design professional or interested in our Geometric Cement Tile collection or the multitude of Heritage tile border patterns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have the knowledge and skill needed to make your design come to life in tile.

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