Geometric Tiles Make Bold Statement on Powder Room Floor

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Geometric cement tile in alternating quarter design patterns bring a bold statement to the floor of this powder room. The tile colors, Heritage Aqua (AV-025-B) and Heritage White (BL-010-A), are a great metaphor for color with the blue-green aqua celebrating water, while the white emphasizes cleanliness and purity.

Geometric Tiles Make Bold Statement on Powder Room Floor

Surrounded by a wall of while tile, this bathroom's design really pops when combined with the red ceiling paint. The alternating patterns of the two-tone cement floor tiles brings both interest and whimsy to the overall design without being too busy. Combining all these elements actually make this powder room appear larger than it really is.

Avente Tile customer, Jean A. from Newport Beach, CA, stated, "My powder room turned out great and the tile gets a lot of compliments. I have already referred people your way."

We are always so thankful for feedback and images of our clients' completed projects. Thank you, Jean! Photo credit and thanks to Jean's contractor, Randy Leggitt Construction.

Designing with Cement Tile

Designing with handmade cement tile means taking a vision, idea or surrounding complementary area, and making it come to life. By keeping things simple, such as by using only two colors, the human eye sees a visually appealing, non-cluttered space.

For ideas and visual inspiration on how cement tiles can enhance any room or setting, we invite you to visit our page on, see what we've been pinning onto our Pinterest boards, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas.

Cement Tile Buying Tip

The cost of freight for small cement tile orders can be as much as the tile. This is common for small projects when using cement tiles for a fireplace, backsplash or small bathroom where residential delivery is required. The cost of freight increases even more when you aren't near a large city or major shipping lane. If you have any questions, please feel refer to our Cement Tile FAQs page, or our Cement Tile Installation Guide for additional information. You can also call our offices Monday through Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST) at 888.739.4972, or email us at Avente Tile.

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