Kitchen Backsplash Focuses on Cuban Cement Tile

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One of the biggest trends in cement tile is to use them for a backsplash, primarily a kitchen backsplash, like the one shown here.

Kitchen Backsplash Focuses on Cuban Cement Tile

This cement tile backsplash design, featured on, makes a lot of sense. Why? Because cement tiles:

  • Provide a powerful design punch that allows homeowners to create a personal statement where it matters most. 
  • Are available in an array of geometric, traditional and contemporary patterns that can be customized with choices that include palettes with 90 colors.

Additionally, these handmade tiles are crafted to endure decades of wear from foot traffic and have a color layer that is about 1/8 thick. They won't face anything that formidable when placed on a wall except for an occasional melee with grease, vinegar, or wine. So, what's not to like about cement tile? Nothing, really, as long you understand a few key differences. Cement tile is different in many respects than its more ubiquitous cousin, ceramic tile. To keep you in the know, we explain 7 points you should understand before using cement tile for a backsplash.


Cement Tile Backsplash: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

We came up with 7 things you need to know before you decide to go with a cement tile backsplash. Here are the first three:

  1. Use a very narrow grout line when installing cement tiles.
  2. Pick the right grout color. Dark grout will stain the lighter parts of the tile and cant be removed.
  3. Expect to spend about $1,000-$1,500 for the tiles and freight.

Want to find out more? Learn what you need to know before installing a cement tile kitchen backsplash. Download and read, 7 Things You Need to Know about Cement Tile Backsplashes. You'll find answers on polishing, sealing, grout, and much more.


About Cuban Tiles

The Cuban Heritage Collection is a stunning line of 8" x 8" cement floor tiles that revive colors and designs from beautiful, historic buildings in Havana and Camaguey. Each original pattern comes in three-color colorways: one using the original, traditional colors; two using more contemporary colors. Our Cuban Heritage Collection differs from other cement flooring tiles through its more elaborate patterns, strong colors, and prominent double borders.


Cement Tile in Green Designs

For a recent installation of this pattern, showcases a perfect kitchen backsplash by Philadelphia-based general contracting firm Buckminster Green. The company, which specializes in green home remodeling, customizes each project to meet the needs of the homeowners goals by focusing on energy-efficiency, indoor air quality, recycled content materials, and other green benchmarks, Buckminster Green says. Note how the vibrant kitchen backsplash not only serves as the focal point of this room, but it also seamlessly blends in with its surroundings.

For more kitchen backsplash ideas, and additional examples of projects that incorporate Cuban Heritage tile onto varying surfaces and areas, please visit our portfolio on or our many boards on Pinterest.


Cement Tile Design Guides and Services

See our Cement Tile Installation Guide for further details. Or, you can watch a slide show of all the Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Designs available.

You can also customize your design using Avente's Cement Tile Customization Services for tiles in this line using colors from our Heritage Colors of cement tile.

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