Mixing Patterns for a Cement Tile Rug

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The Macoris border and Neiba field patterns unite a common color palette to make a beautiful cement tile rug. Remember, while you can work with several different patterns to create a stunning look, the color scheme needs to be cohesive with your overall design.

Mixing Patterns for a Cement Tile Rug

The most important part of any design is a cohesive and complementary color scheme. To create a cement tile rug, it's best to use a pattern design (field) with a border. Many patterns, like the Macoris, have a border; however, some may not, like the Nieba. Don't let this limit your choice for design! You can mix and match field and border patterns to create your own unique design.

Tips for Creating a Cement Tile Rug

  1. Mix or match border and field patterns from the Traditional, Cuban Heritage, and Geometric lines.
  2. Use an an existing color palette from any pattern that matches your design scheme.
  3. Use colors from the Heritage Color Palette.
  4. Follow our Tips for a Cement Tile Rug Design.


Cement tiles are handmade one tile at a time. Therefore, slight variation in the color and tone is to be expected.

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