Red and White Plain Cement Tile Make Quaint Restaurant Setting

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Using two colors of plain cement tile, Heritage White and Heritage Indian Red, in a simple grid pattern provides a quaint and charming floor that is durable and affordable.

Red and White Plain Cement Tile Make Quaint Restaurant Setting

Simplicity when designing floor patterns not only offers an economical benefit, but also one that minimizes visual overload, especially in small spaces, just as the owners of this restaurant decided.

By selecting only two colors, the visual impact of the handmade cement floor tiles were kept at a minimum while attention was redirected to the serving and seating areas. Duplicating the look of a white and red tablecloth, these cement with their checkerboard pattern offered a familiar look commonly associated with home style, family restaurant tablecloths.

It's with these warm and inviting touches that hospitality is truly extended to the diners and visitors of this eatery. Just as recipes that are handed down from one generation to the next, these handmade cement tiles will only get better with age with proper care.

Lastly, remember that dramatic results can be achieved when combined with the right color choices. You can view the variety of colors available within the Heritage Cement Tile Palette here.

Designing with Cement Tile

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Cement Tile Buying Tip

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