Romana Cement Tile Makes for Eye-Popping Backsplash

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Avente Tile customer Constance Zaytoun recently designed and oversaw the remodeling of her Chelsea, NY, kitchen that included a cement tile backsplash to be envied. She and her husband, Marc Weitz, embarked on a journey about a year ago to make their humble Chelsea kitchen into nothing short of stunning! They had a vision, a goal and a budget and they achieved just about everything they wanted with their project.

Romana Cement Tile Makes for Eye-Popping Backsplash

If you've ever done a remodel, then we think you'll agree at some point a breaking point is hit. You become so discouraged, it seems impossible that something else could go wrong, yet it does. You're almost ready to throw in the towel. You are just certain that all of the forces of the universe are working against you. The thought of washing dishes in the bathroom sink becomes unfathomable. It usually works itself out; but, remodeling is stressful. And to make the challenge even greater, Constance didn't hire a designer, she managed all of the procurement and construction work herself while working and attending school.

Constance says, "It was pretty darn exciting to see the tile up on the walls! There were many folks who were concerned that these thick cement tiles would not work on a wall, and I am so grateful that they were wrong. I was also worried how well the Heritage Solid Color Polk Gold cement tile would work, but I absolutely love how the solid trim works with the Romana cement tile and on the odd wall indention. The Polk Gold both frames the Romana pattern and gives some added dimension beside that high wall of tile. Given that the Romana tile was the one element that pulled together all of our design choices, it was ironic that it was the very last thing to be installed and so wonderful to see our vision finally fulfilled in its entirety."

To read more about Constances experience with our cement tiles, and to see more photos of the kitchen backsplash installation, please read the full post, Cement Tile Kitchen Backsplash Makes a Chelsea Remodel, on our Tile Talk blog.


Design Tip

Because we don't stock custom "tile design lines" like our Traditional Cement Tile, you should plan on purchasing a strike-off sample to confirm the color, pattern and design. Once you find a pattern you like, you need to decide on colors. Color chips are necessary. You need to see the texture and how the colors "partner" with other finished surfaces and area light in your home. Read more about the Cement Tile Customization Services we offer to create your own unique pattern and colors.

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