Sofia Cement Tile Refines Bathroom's Elegance

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Our Sofia handmade cement tile brings the perfect design element into any bathroom. Not only does this eco-friendly product offer refreshing bursts of color, such as Coral Red, Yellow and Sage Green, but it also adds to the timelessness of any décor.

Sofia Cement Tile Refines Bathroom's Elegance

Design Idea for Cement Tile Patterns

Use accent colors to create a stunning design. Considering one color in your cement tile as an accent color to really make the design pop! Notice how the Coral Red in the Classic Sofia pattern really grabs your attention and energizes the space? This color is then used in just a few other places to really make a complementary design.

To further tie the look and feel of the walls and floors together, you could specify a light-colored Classic Solid Color Cement Field Tile for the walls. In doing so, not only will the natural light in the room be amplified, but you'll also keep the total project cost down, and you'll have everyone talking about your stunning cement tile floor and walls!

With more than 30 years of experience in the tile and stone industry, as well as the design community, Sunny McLean recently offered her vast knowledge and unique perspective with the evolution of tile in the bathroom.

She asked, "Where does almost every one of us start their day? In the bathroom, of course. In the 60s, it was just a place of function, but today we have a new attitude. Shouldn't the place where our day is set in motion be more than a place we're stuck with? Why not let the bathroom begin the day's events with a fresh attitude?" You can read her entire blog post, "Stuck in the 60s? Not this Bathroom," for her complete perspective on the additional benefits of tile in the bathroom.

Cement Tile Installation Tip

Similar to our Classic Cluny-C pattern of cement tile, you'll need a grouping of four 8"x8" Sofia handmade tiles to complete the look shown in this design idea. For your convenience, Sofia is stocked for quick shipping from our Los Angeles warehouse.

Remember, cement tile is an ideal choice for a bath because it provides slip resistance, even when wet. Not only does it become even more beautiful with time from wear, but it can offer a subtle and enjoyable wake-up call.

To see just how versatile handmade cement tile is, we recommend reading our Cement Tile Installation Guide, or, you can watch a slide show of all the Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Designs available.

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