Warm Color Blend of Hexagon Tile Makes for a Cool Bath

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Hexagon tiles are hot and so is this red color blend! The different textures and colors makes for one very cool bath!

Warm Color Blend of Hexagon Tile Makes for a Cool Bath

There is no doubt that blending hexagon tiles in different shades of red with different textures creates a spectacular contrast to the white walls and fixtures in this contemporary bath

Avente customer, Ahmad H., worked with Kitchen and Bath Designer, Caroline E. Shillito. Caroline is the owner & principal designer at emma delon. Ahmad knew he liked the red color blend, Duoro, from images he had seen online. The Duoro blend consists of equal parts Rosa, Mission Red, and City Hall Red from the Rustic Paver Palette. To add interest, the tiles are treated with different textures that include standard or smooth, limestone, travertine and Luna. The different textures also change the colors. Luna is our most distressed texture, and has deep valleys and craters.

Caroline worked with Ahmed to create the bathroom design that worked for him. After confirming colors and textures with samples for the floor tile, they decided the color blend was perfect. However, they didn't want the Luna texture for this bathroom floor.

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