Braganza Blue Border Backsplash for the Kitchen

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Taking its cue from historical, centuries-old designs and colors from Portugal, the Braganza Ceramic Tile series features a red bisque ceramic tile that is beautifully hand-painted with a high-gloss glaze.

Braganza Blue Border Backsplash for the Kitchen

The vibrancy of the hand-brushed patterns of our Portuguese Ceramic Tile collection pair nicely with the Portuguese Natural Field Tile we offer.

Using the traditional Majolica glaze technique, the Portuguese Braganza Blue Ceramic Tile is fired twice to achieve its high-gloss over-glaze. There are no limitations to the use of this series. Like all our Spanish and Portuguese ceramic tiles, they can be used in indoor or outdoor settings, including water features, such as pools, ponds and water fountains.

Designing with Portuguese Tile

In this kitchen setting, the Portuguese Braganza Blue Ceramic Tile collection was used in the 3"x6" size to create a focal point. The 4"x4" decorative Portuguese Braganza Blue inserts, which have since been discontinued, add to the vibrancy of this much-needed focal point in the kitchen. You could, of course, use the unexpected pop of vibrant colors and detailed patterns of our Portuguese Braganza 4"x4"Ceramic Tile to add similar interest and energy to any space!

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