Custom Spanish Andalucia Ceramic Tile Table

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This custom table was created using Spanish Andalucia 6"x6" tiles to create a medallion. The background is broken Spanish Natural Field Tile with a border of Spanish Navy Field Tile.

Custom Spanish Andalucia Ceramic Tile Table

Using the traditional Majolica glaze technique, our hand-painted Spanish Andalucia Ceramic Tile series is fired twice to achieve its high-gloss over-glaze. There are no limitations to the use of this series. Like all our Spanish ceramic tile collections, they can be used in indoor or outdoor settings, including water features, such as pools, ponds and water fountains.

Note: A detailed view of the table top is shown to the left. A photo of the table is shown below.

Spanish Tile Design Tip

Ceramic Spanish tiles have a wide range of uses and benefits. They can be used as backsplashes, counter tops, showers, bath accents, swimming pools, fountains, windows, stair risers, and floor accent tiles.

In addition to their wide variety of uses, Spanish tiles provide more versatility and value than any other material. They are color permanent and abrasion resistant. There is never a need to wax, polish or buff. With so many colors, patterns, and tile sizes to choose from, ceramic tile gives you the capability to create any design element you desire.

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