Decorative Spanish Ceramic Tile Inserts

Posted by William Buyok on

Hand-painted decorative tiles add color and interest to any floor. They can be used with terracotta tiles, stone pavers, or with manufactured porcelain and ceramic floor tiles.

Decorative Spanish Ceramic Tile Inserts

In the installation shown here (left), a Barcelona San Jose 3" x 3" tile is placed "on point" in a notched floor tile. Remember, floor tiles will need to be cut and this will increase your installation cost. Also, you should increase the quantity of floor tile purchased by about 10% to 15%. If available, purchase pavers with a notch to minimize the number of field cuts during installation.

Choose from a variety of decorative tiles from our Malibu, Barcelona, Spanish, or Portuguese tile lines. You can even mix or match from different lines for a more modern and eclectic look. Solid color tiles or field tile can also be used with or instead of decorative tiles.

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