Hand-Painted Spanish Ceramic Tile Risers

Posted by William Buyok on

Avente's Spanish Tiles are beautifully hand-painted in a variety of colors and patterns on ceramic bisque using time-honored techniques.

Hand-Painted Spanish Ceramic Tile Risers

Using the Majolica technique, our Hand-Painted Spanish Ceramic Tile designs include colorful patterns from the different regions of Spain, or the traditional blue and white found in the New Iberica border tiles and liners.

The Majolica technique utilizes an opaque white tin-based glaze that is ideal for vibrant, colorful patterns and designs for ceramics. The centuries-old technique is believed to have originated in 9th century Mesopotamia with the desire to imitate the white porcelain wares coming from China. With the spread of Islam, the art made its way through to Northern Africa, and to what is now known as Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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