Malibu Glazed Tile & Normandy Cream: An Eye-Catching Pair

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The brightly colored glazed Malibu Yerba Buena ceramic tiles add just the right balance of eye-pleasing design and interest when they are coupled with our Rustic Paver collection (shown here in Normandy Cream).

Malibu Glazed Tile & Normandy Cream: An EyeCatching Pair

Our collection of hand-painted Malibu Ceramic Tiles are an homage to the Malibu and Catalina Potteries of California of the 1920s with their classic patterns and colorways. These tiles are created using the cuerda seca (dry cord) technique that produces deep, rich colors from the pooled glazes. Perfect for all indoor applications, this collection is also suitable for outdoor installations, such as stair risers, pools, fountains. However, they cannot be used in frosty environments.

Combined with the Malibu tiles in this installation are large 12"x12" Rustic Pavers in our exclusive Normandy Cream blend. This combination offers unique variations that can only be found in a hand-crafted product. To achieve this blend, Normandy Cream features equal parts of Cotto Gold, Cotto Dark, Artillo Cafe, and Tuscan Mustard -- all with a vintage texture.

It's worth noting that Rustic Paver Tiles are made with a soft mold and have true through-body color, where as traditional patterned cement tiles are made the customary way with a steel mold, and with the color layer only in the top 1/8" of the tile. The texture, feel and style of Rustic Paver tiles also differ from traditional cement tiles. While both tiles are handmade and will have some variation, classic cement tiles have a more traditional, slightly formal, sophisticated look that works well for creating a multi-color pattern using the face of the tile. Our cement Rustic Pavers tout a softer defining edge, and have only one color throughout each tile.

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