Nook with Cadiz Spanish Wall Tile Creates Serenity

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The color blue evokes the sights and sounds of both the ocean and the sky. Coupled with this room's handmade Spanish ceramic tile focal point, the room now conjures feelings of serenity and relaxation.

Nook with Cadiz Spanish Wall Tile Creates Serenity

In this case, the homeowner chose to design the entire room based on the colors found within the Spanish Cadiz tile series.

 Spanish Tile with Brushed Field Tile

In addition to the artistically painted Cadiz with its vibrant blue and yellow, the homeowner accented the chair rail and wall mural with Spanish Field Tile. Hand-painted with a large brush, Spanish field tile offers versatility in that it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, warm weather pools and fountains. They are available in brushed Blue, Green, Natural, Navy and Yellow.

As with any hand-painted product, its always wise to ask for samples so you can get a look and feel for the color variations that may occur.

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