Pool Tile with Modular Pattern Creates Soothing Fountain

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Modular patterns in a single turquoise color palette create a soothing fountain.

Our porcelain Pool Tile provide the perfect colors for pools, fountains, and water features. You'll find colors that range from azure and turquoise to deep, saturated colors like cobalt blue. These wonderful shades of blue and aqua evoke the calm and serenity of water. They cam also be accented with bright, jewel-tone colors, such as reds, yellows and oranges from our Yucatan Field Tiles. Consider using our Yucatan Trim and Molding for various molding and trim options.

 Pool Tile with Modular Pattern Creates Soothing Fountain

Use Tile Formats to Add Interest

Using the same color tile in different shapes makes designing with modular formats both fun and easy. Modular formats add interest and allow you to work with a single color. Consider adding an accent color for interests like the owners did on this pool's spigots.

Our Pool Tile comes in triangles, octagons, and diamond shapes. See the complete list of available Pool Tile formats and sizes we offer.

Moreover, modular field tiles in a single color have found their way back into the market place. Elongated sizes, like those used in this fountain, continue to be popular.

The glazes in our Pool Tile allow the designer to create a gorgeous look by blending the functionality of tile with interesting shapes and glazes.

Lastly, if you're looking to find the best glaze for your fountain or water feature, start by choosing a few colors that you really love and purchase glaze chips in those colors. If you need help with design choices, layout or options, let us know!

Remember, our Pool Tiles and Yucatan tiles are freeze-thaw rated and offer the best choice for long-term durability with little maintenance or care.

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