Spanish Tile Creates Classic Look for Bath

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A classic and timeless look for this bathroom in Monterey, CA, was created using hand-painted Spanish Ceramic Tiles in a traditional blue and white palette. A tile rug was created for the shower wall using 6-inch square tiles using our Spanish Caceres tile pattern.

Spanish Tile Creates Classic Look for Bath

The complex, intricate patterns in the Spanish Caceres pattern works well with the plain white tile and blue trim. The palette is ideal for a bath and complements the terracotta Spanish Paver flooring. The blue trim is an excellent design example of how trim or molding can be used to bring attention and highlight a design element that you want to be noticed, such as the border tile or mural.


Decorative and Field Tile Glaze Differences

Look closely at the white in the Caceres rug and the white surrounding it. Now, look at the blue in the hand-painted decorative tile, then look at the blue used for the trim. Notice the colors aren't a perfect match? Don't they look fantastic together? Rarely will you get the background color of a decorative tile to match exactly to the color of your field tile, and that's OK! The subtle difference helps set them apart as a unique space, while serving as this bathroom's focal point. Remember, not everything has to match to make a statement.

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