Spanish Tile Insets Add Charm to Floor

Posted by William Buyok on

Hand-painted Spanish decorative tiles, like the Teruel 4-inch shown here, can be used on the floor as accents with large cement or ceramic pavers to add color and design.

Spanish Tile Insets Add Charm to Floor

Adding small decorative tiles to a floor can break up the monotony of a large tiled floor. The tiles will bring both interest and color. You can alternate different patterns or use all of the same pattern depending on your color scheme and what appeals most to you. The insets can be placed randomly on the floor or you can create a pattern alternating or repeating their placement. It's best to use one or two-inch dots for six tiles. In the example here, 4-inch tiles are used with 14"x14" Spanish bisque pavers.

Avente Tile has the pleasure of working with the design team at Garret Interiors on this project. Garret Interiors is responsible for the design, layout and images.

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