Teruel Spanish Tile for a Vibrant Kitchen Backsplash

Posted by William Buyok on

For this kitchen backsplash, the homeowners chose six-inch tiles from our Teruel series of hand-painted ceramic Spanish tiles.

Teruel Spanish Tile for a Vibrant Kitchen Backsplash

Set on the diagonal, or on point, Teruel's effect is quite dramatic here. You can really see the difference in visual impact when you compare this installation with another 6"x6" Spanish tile installation using the same pattern.

In this case, the hand-painted pattern and colors of Teruel blend in well with the homeowners granite countertops. Natural stone and hand-painted tile tend to pair well because each possesses inherit color tone variations.

Using decorative tiles for a backsplash creates a dramatic, appealing look. The pattern on each tile blends with the next to create a seamless design. Don't let the boldness of Teruel's pattern dissuade you from using this vibrant series. To fully appreciate its pattern effect, we suggest purchasing four or more tiles for a broader perspective.

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