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Hand Painted Tile from Avente

About our Hand Painted Tile
hand painted tile artisans Avente's Hand Painted Tiles come from all around the globe and include everything from unique relief tile to classic Spanish, Mexican and Portuguese designs. Artisans create our handcrafted ceramic tiles, one at a time. We offer decorative, field, and trim tiles, all of which are ideal for backsplashes, borders, and accent tiles for both interior and exterior use.

How they are made
Our Hand Painted Tile is skillfully painted on ceramic tile bisque using a technique known as majolica. A Spanish term, Majolica is a lead and tin glaze that creates a white surface that can then be painted on. The process of making majolica consists of first firing a piece of earthenware, then applying tin enamel that upon drying forms an opaque white porous surface. A pattern is then drawn or outlined into place with a stencil and each area of the tile is hand painted with a brush. The tile is placed in racks and fired in a kiln. The true colors don't show until the metals oxidize in the furnace. Sometimes an additional clear glaze is applied and the tile is fired again to create a high gloss finish.

Use & Care
Hand Painted Tile can be used for an almost endless variety of applications. The traditional method of applying tiles as wainscoting is still a popular choice. Backsplashes, countertops, showers, bath accents, swimming pools, tiles waiting for firingfountains, windows, stair risers, and floor accent tiles are also great places to incorporate tile into a home.

Avente Hand Painted Tile is easy to care for and maintain. To clean, simply wipe with a damp sponge or mop and soap-less detergent. There is never a need to wax, polish or buff. Their color will never fade and the tiles are resistant to scratches and abrasions. All of these elements make ceramic tile a product of lasting value.

Avente offers a full collection of Hand Painted Tile that offer superior performance and unmatched beauty. We understand that continually finding unique products and offering them at a great value ensures your happiness and our success. Please contact us with your specific design requirements and we can help you find a tile to fit your needs.

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