Elevations Cement Tile Color Palette

The Elevations Color Palette includes all of the standard, available colors found in our relief cement wall tile collection.  Color chips are available for purchase.  Tiles from the Classic and Mission lines use their own distinct color palette and shouldn't be mixed with the Heritage. 

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Elevations Color Palette

There is a total of 30 colors available and the colors are similar to the Heritage Palette.

Heritage Sugar Cookie (AM-015-A)

Sugar Cookie

 Heritage Golden Ochre (AM-040-A)

Golden Ochre

 Heritage Deep Amber (AM-045-A)

Deep Amber


Heritage Pecan Pie (AM-050-A)

Pecan Pie 


Heritage Turquoise (AV-015-A)



Heritage  Caribbean Blue (AV-020-B)

Caribbean Blue

Heritage Powder Blue (AZ-010-A)

Powder Blue

Heritage Sky Blue (AZ-020-A)

Sky Blue

Heritage Royal Blue (AZ-035-B)

Royal Blue

Heritage Stormy Blue (AZ-040-B)

Stormy Blue

Heritage White (BL-010-A)


Heritage Antique Ivory (BL-015-A)

Antique Ivory

Heritage Sienna (ES-015-B)


Heritage Neon Green (ES-020-A)

Neon Green

Heritage Olive (ES-025-A)


Heritage Pearl Gray (GR-010-A)

Pearl Gray

Heritage Ash Gray (GR-013-A)

Ash Gray 

Heritage Gray (GR-015-A)

Heritage Autumn Eve (GR-110-A)
Autumn Eve

Heritage Jet Black (NG-010-A)
Jet Black 

Heritage Light Salmon (RO-015-A)
Light Salmon
Heritage Tomato (RO-025-A)
Heritage Indian Red (RO-030-A)
Indian Red
Heritage Chocolate (RO-040-A)
Heritage Dark Roast (RO-050-A)
Dark Roast 
Heritage Terra Cotta (RO-075-A)
Terra Cotta
Heritage Santa Fe (RO-080-A)
Santa Fe 
heritage Veridian (VE-035-B)


Heritage Bayou Waters (VE-045-B)
Bayou Waters


 Light Lavender (ES-035-A)
Light Lavender


How to use Color Chips + Design Tips

The Elevation line is a great choice for designers and architects because it has 30 colors available! Lead times for this line of tiles is about about 8 - 10 weeks. To help with color choice and design, the color palette above is organized by colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Neutral colors. Computer screen colors are not true. We recommend purchasing a sample. Consider purchasing the Elevations Color Chip Set if you are making a custom colorway or blend to confirm the colors will work for your design. Otherwise, single color chips can be purchased for a nominal charge plus shipping.

The only way to understand color, texture, and finish is to see the sample tile. Colors represent raw cement tiles; but, the tiles will come sealed from the factory with a matte finish or a waxed finish for a satin look can also be provided.  Color variation is also inherent in cement tile; so, expect to see subtle variations between tiles.


Elevations Color Board

Sometimes you need a bird's eye view and the image of the Heritage Palette below can help. When working with colors it often helps to see them grouped together by hues so you can find the "darkest" red or the "warmest" white or to see all the colors before picking the few that you think will work. The color board is arranged differently than the grouping above and each color is named. 

Elevations Color Palette Board Showing Colors and Names

Elevations Cement Wall Tile Color Board