Guide to Common Ceramic Trim Tiles

Tiles are usually divided into two categories: Field tiles, which are flat, and trim tiles, which are shaped to turn corners or define the edges of a tiled area. There are various types of trim tiles and their names can be confusing, so we have created this guide so that you may easily distinguish which type of trim tiles you will need for your installation. When selecting tiles for your project, be sure to check for the availability of trim tiles to match your field tiles and select a trim style that is best suited for your area to be tiled.

Ceramic Tile Trim - Outside Corner
Outside Corner
Ceramic Tile Trim - Inside Corner Quarter Round
Inside Corner
Ceramic Trim Tile - V-Cap
Ceramic Tile Trim -Cove Base Trim
Ceramic Tile Trim - Cove Base Outside Corner
Cove Outside Corner
Ceramic Tile Trim - Radius Bullnose
Radius Bullnose
Ceramic Tile Trim - Radius Trim