Heritage Color Palette by Color Group

The Heritage Color Palette is to customize handmade encaustic cement tile patterns in our Traditional, Textured, Geometric or Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles.

The Heritage cement tile color palette is organized into three price color groups: A, B and C. The color group is required to determine the Heritage Cement Tile Price for custom options along with size and finish. The color used in the most expensive group will determine the price.

For example, if you customize a pattern with colors from both A and C color groups, use the C color group to determine price.

To help with color choice and design, view the Heritage Palette Grouped by Color Hue.

You can download the Heritage Color Key in pdf format as well.

A = STANDARD COLOR (least expensive)
C = DARKEST BLUE COLOR (most expensive)

Heritage Color Palette Board Showing Colors and Names

Heritage Color Palette Board Showing Colors and Names

The Heritage color palette below is in alphabetical order by color price group.

Heritage Colors

A Colors

Heritage Amber White (AM-010-A)

 Amber White (AM-010-A)

Heritage Antique Ivory (BL-015-A)

Antique Ivory (BL-015-A)

Heritage Arabian Green (VE-015-A) Arabian Green (VE-015-A)
Heritage Ash Gray (GR-013-A) Ash Gray (GR-013-A)
Heritage Autumn Eve (GR-110-A) Autumn Eve (GR-110-A)
Heritage Blanched Turf (VE-110-A)
Blanched Turf (VE-110-A)
Heriatge Blonde Wood (AM-115-A) Blonde Wood (AM-115-A)
Heritage Boulder Brown (MA-040-A) Boulder Brown (MA-040-A)
Heriatge Brown (RO-045-A) Brown (RO-045-A)
Cane (AM-120-A) Cane (AM-120-A)
Heritage Chocolate (RO-040-A) Chocolate (RO-040-A)
Heritage Chocolate Mousse (MA-035-A) Chocolate Mousse (MA-035-A)
Heritage Cocoon (MA-020-A) Cocoon (MA-020-A)
Heritage Coral (RO-020-A) Coral (RO-020-A)
Heritage Cornico Beige (MA-015-A) Cornico Beige (MA-015-A)
Heritage Dark Roast (RO-050-A) Dark Roast (RO-050-A)
Heritage Dark Shadow (GR-115-A) Dark Shadow (GR-115-A)
Heritage Deep Amber (AM-045-A) Deep Amber (AM-045-A)
Heritage Deep Henna (RO-085-A) Deep Henna (RO-085-A)
Heritage Everfrost (VE-010-A) Everfrost (VE-010-A)
Heritage Everglade (VE-025-A) Everglade (VE-025-A)
Heritage Fire Brick (RO-035-A) Fire Brick (RO-035-A)
Heritage Golden Ochre (AM-040-A) Golden Ochre (AM-040-A)
Heritage Golden Rod (AM-035-A) Golden Rod (AM-035-A)
Heritage Gray (GR-015-A) Gray (GR-015-A)
Heritage Indian Green (AV-035-A) Indian Green (AV-035-A)
Heritage Indian Red (RO-030-A) Indian Red (RO-030-A)
Heritage Jet Black (NG-010-A) Jet Black (NG-010-A)
Heritage Khaki (AM-130-A) Khaki (AM-130-A)
Heritage Lemon Chiffon (AM-020-A) Lemon Chiffon (AM-020-A)
Heritage Light Blue (AZ-015-A) Light Blue (AZ-015-A)
Heritage Light Salmon (RO-015-A) Light Salmon (RO-015-A)
Heritage Light Turquoise (AV-010-A) Light Turquoise (AV-010-A)
Heritage Lilac (MA-010-A) Lilac (MA-010-A)
Heritage Melon Green (VE-120-A) Melon Green (VE-120-A)
Heritage Misty Jade (VE-125-A) Misty Jade (VE-125-A)
Heritage Neon Green (ES-020-A) Neon Green (ES-020-A)
Heritage Olive (ES-025-A) Olive (ES-025-A)
Heritage Olive Wood (AM-125-A) Olive Wood (AM-125-A)
Heritage Oxford White (BL-110-A) Oxford White (BL-110-A)
Heritage Pale Green (VE-020-A) Pale Green (VE-020-A)
Heritage Peach Puff (RO-070-A) Peach Puff (RO-070-A)
Heritage Pearl Gray (GR-010-A) Pearl Gray (GR-010-A)
Heritage Pecan Pie (AM-050-A) Pecan Pie (AM-050-A)
Heritage Pewter (GR-050-A) Pewter (GR-050-A)
Heritage Pink Frost (RO-010-A) Pink Frost (RO-010-A)
Heritage Powder Blue (AZ-010-A) Powder Blue (AZ-010-A)
Heritage Radiance (AM-025-A) Radiance (AM-025-A)
Heritage Rich Chocolate (MA-025-A) Rich Chocolate (MA-025-A)
Heritage Romaine (VE-115-A) Romaine (VE-115-A)
Heritage Sandy Brown (MA-030-A) Sandy Brown (MA-030-A)
Heritage Santa Fe (RO-080-A) Santa Fe (RO-080-A)
Heritage Silver Velvet (AZ-140-A) Silver Velvet (AZ-140-A)
Heritage Sky Blue (AZ-020-A) Sky Blue (AZ-020-A)
Heritage Suede (AM-055-A) Suede (AM-055-A)
Heritage Sugar Cookie (AM-015-A) Sugar Cookie (AM-015-A)
Heritage Tan (BL-020-A) Tan (BL-020-A)
Heritage Terra Cotta (RO-075-A) Terra Cotta (RO-075-A)
Heritage Tibetan Gold (AM-030-A) Tibetan Gold (AM-030-A)
Heritage Tomato (RO-025-A) Tomato (RO-025-A)
Heritage Turquoise (AV-015-A) Turquoise (AV-015-A)
Heritage White (BL-010-A) White (BL-010-A)
Heritage Aqua (AV-025-B) Aqua (AV-025-B)
Dusty Coral (RO 110A) Dusty Coral (RO-110-A)
Sunset Cloud (RO 115A) Sunset Cloud (RO-115-A)
Polk Gold (AM 110A) Polk Gold (AM-110-A)

B Colors

Heritage Aspiration (AV-110-B) Aspiration (AV-110-B)
Heritage Bayou Waters (VE-045-B) Bayou Waters (VE-045-B)
Heritage Beethoven Blue (AZ-050-B) Beethoven Blue (AZ-050-B)
Heritage Cana Green (VE-130-B) Cana Green (VE-130-B)
Heritage  Caribbean Blue (AV-020-B) Caribbean Blue (AV-020-B)
Heritage Dark Sea Green (VE-040-B) Dark Sea Green (VE-040-B)
Heritage Dark Slate Green Dark Slate Green (VE-050-B)
Heritage Granada (VE-135-B) Granada (VE-135-B)
Heritage Green Stone (AV-030-B) Green Stone (AV-030-B)
Heritage Harbour Sky (AZ-025-B) Harbour Sky (AZ-025-B)
Heritage Jewel Blue (AZ-030-B) Jewel Blue (AZ-030-B)
Heritage Peapod (VE-030-B) Peapod (VE-030-B)
Heritage Royal Blue (AZ-035-B) Royal Blue (AZ-035-B)
Heritage Sienna (ES-015-B) Sienna (ES-015-B)
Heritage Sky King (AZ-110-B) Sky King (AZ-110-B)
Heritage Steel Blue (AZ-045-B) Steel Blue (AZ-045-B)
Heritage Stormy Blue (AZ-040-B) Stormy Blue (AZ-040-B)
heritage Veridian (VE-035-B) Veridian (VE-035-B)

C Colors

Heritage Indigo (AZ-038-C) Indigo (AZ-038-C)
Heritage Midnight Blue (AZ-120-C) Midnight Blue (AZ-120-C)
Heritage Oriental Night (AZ-180-C) Oriental Night (AZ-180-C)
Heritage Sterling Blue (AZ-115-C) Sterling Blue (AZ-115-C)