Heritage Color Palette Grouped by Hue

When working with colors it often helps to see them grouped together by hues so you can find the "darkest" red or the "warmest" white. Heritage cement tiles colors are organized by color groups to assist with color choice for a pattern or colorway.

Red Colors

Heritage Pink Frost (RO-010-A)Heritage Light Salmon (RO-015-A)Heritage Coral (RO-020-A)Heritage Tomato (RO-025-A)Heritage Indian Red (RO-030-A)Heritage Fire Brick (RO-035-A)Heritage Chocolate (RO-040-A)Heriatge Brown (RO-045-A)Heritage Dark Roast (RO-050-A)Heritage Peach Puff (RO-070-A)Heritage Terra Cotta (RO-075-A)Heritage Santa Fe (RO-080-A)Heritage Deep Henna (RO-085-A)Dusty Coral (RO-110-A)Sunset Cloud (RO-115-A)


Green Colors

Heritage Everfrost (VE-010-A)Heritage Arabian Green (VE-015-A)Heritage Pale Green (VE-020-A)

Brown Colors


Yellow Colors

Polk Gold (AM-110-A)

Blue Colors

Natural Colors