Mission Cement Tile Color Palette and Key

The Mission line of cement tiles uses the 60 colors in the Mission Palette.  These colors can be used for plain (solid color) tiles in an 8" x 8" format to coordinate with colors in our patterned Mission Cement Tiles.  You can also customize Mission cement tile pattern with any color using this palette.  For sizes, options, and pricing, please see our Mission Cement Tile Price Guide or contact us.    

Colors represented on a computer screen may not be true. Therefore, we recommend you purchase a Mission Color Chip Set if you are considering creating your own unique colorway for a pattern or want to you plain cement tiles in your design.

Mission Color Palette

Mission Gray (S106)Gray
Mission Gris Mexico (S165)Gris Mexico
Mission Natural Gray (S165)Natural Gray
Mission Charcoal  (S324)Charcoal
Mission Black (S101)Black
Mission Rojo Palo Alto (S213)Rojo Palo Alto
Mission D'Hanis Red (s-111)D'Hanis Red
Red Brick
Mission Blue (s119)Blue
Mission Rosa (s105)Rosa
Mission Taupe (s113)Taupe
Mission Heather (S117)Heather
Mission Graphite (S922)Graphite 
Mission Peacock (S118)Peacock
Mission Cafe (s104)Cafe
Mission Sandstone (S122)Sandstone 
Mission Sand (S916)Sand
Mission Amarillo Dorado (S366)Amarillo Dorado
Mission Mocha (S915)Mocha
Mission Chocolate (s906) Cement TileChocolate
Mission Brown (S923) Cement TileBrown
Mission Chocolat (s365) Cement TileChocolat
Mission Blasia (s364) Cement TileBlasia
Blue Clair
Azul Caribe
Mission Morocco (s924)Morocco
Mission French Blue (S913)French Blue
Sky Blue
Mission Azul Rey (s160)Azul Rey
Mission Blue Fonce (s912)Blue Fonce
Weathley Blue
Jaune Clair
Mission Crema S367 Cement TileCrema
Mission Gold (s367)Gold
Mission Jaune Fonce (S908)Jaune Fonce 
Mission Caramel (S905)Caramel
Mission Naranja (s103)Naranja
Mission Melon (S123)Melon
Mission Salmon (S903)Salmon
Mission Adobe (S115)Adobe
Mission Terracotta (S107))Terra Cotta
Mission Verde Caribe (S291)Verde Caribe
Mission Vert Canada (S909)Vert Canada
Mission Aqua (S120)Aqua
Mission Vert Fonce (S910)Vert Fonce  
Mission Verde Canada (S121)Verde Canada
Mission Sage (S114)Sage
Mission Green Forest (s917)Green Forest
Mission Green (s110)Green
Mission Green Asia (s363)Green Asia 
Mission Verde Militar (s150)Verde Militar


 Mission Color Palette Tile Key

If you purchase a Mission Color Chip Set, use these images as your color key. The color chips are on six tablets or tiles and coded exactly as they are shown here. Color chip sets shipped after March 1, 2013 have like colors grouped together as shown below. If you have an older set, scroll to the bottom of the page for those color keys.  You may download a pdf file of the color key as well.

Download Mission Cement Tile Color Key

Color chips are the best indication of true color and should be used if you are planning to substitute colors for any pattern.  You may purchase a Mission Cement Tile Color Chips Set with all 60 colors on six tablets. 

Purchase Mission Cement Tile Chip Set


Mission Cement Tile Color Palette Tablets A, B, and C

Mission Cement Tile Color Palette - Tablets A, B, C


Mission Cement Tile Color Palette Tablets C, D, and E

Mission Cement Tile Color Palette - Tablets D, E, F


Mission Cement Tile Color Palette Old Tablets A, B, and C

Mission Cement Tile Color Palette - Old Tablets A, B, and C


Mission Cement Tile Color Palette Old Tablets D, E, and F

Mission Cement Tile Color Palette - Old Tables D, E, & F