Rustic and Arabesque Cement Tile Palette

The Rustic Palette is organized into three groups: Classic, Premium and Signature. Blends of tile are also included in these groups. Use the Rustic Palette for Rustic Cement Tiles offered in square and rectangular formats and Arabesque Cement Tiles in interlocking, geometric shapes. Your choice of color, size, format and finish will affect the final cost.

You'll notice many of the colors take their cues from traditional clay bisque used to make Saltillo tile, brown Spanish pavers, and red clay tiles. By the way, the term 'rustic' refers to the style of the cement tile.  Rustic and Arabesque tiles are made with slightly irregular sizes, rough edges, facets and chips that make the tile appear weathered and aged. Surface finishes like Travertine, Limestone, and Luna can be applied for additional vintage effects.  Tiles are shown with standard or smooth finish.  We recommend installing with a 1/2" grout joint.


Flash Colors

Antique Gray Color Chips
Antique Gray
Saltillo Color Chip
Saltillo Cafe
Saltillo Cafe
Beachwood Flash
Beachwood Flash

Cafe OlayCafe Olay

Hacienda Flash

Hacienda Flash

Red Flash Red Flash

Sonora SunsetSonora Sunset

Classic Colors

Cotto Gold -  Rustic Palette
Cotto Gold
Cotto Dark - Rustic Palette
Cotto Dark
Tuscan Mustard -  Rustic Palette
Tuscan Mustard
Spanish Cotto Blend - Rustic Palette
Spanish Cotto


Premium Colors

Antique Gray - Premium Paver Palette Color
Antique Gray
Beachwood Flash - Premium Paver Palette Color
Beachwood Flash
Bone - Premium Paver Palette
Brown - Premium Paver Palette
Buff - Premium Paver Palette
Cafe Olay - Premium Paver Palette
Cafe Olay
Charcoal - Premium Paver Palette Color
City Hall Red - Premium Paver Palette
City Hall Red
Desert - Premium Paver Palette
Desert I - Premium Paver Palette
Desert I
Early Gray - Premium Paver Palette
Early Gray
Flagstone - Premium Paver Palette
Gold - Premium Paver Palette
Hacienda - Premium Paver Palette
Hacienda Flash - Premium Paver Palette
Hacienda Flash
Khaki - Premium Paver Palette

Mission RedMission Red

Natural GrayNatural Gray

Old CaliforniaOld California

Sidewalk GraySidewalk Gray


Spanish Inn RedSpanish Inn Red


Creme FraicheCreme Fraiche

Gray MystGray Myst


Josie BlendJosie Blend

Normandy CreamNormandy Cream


Spanish CottoSpanish Cotto



Limestone Texture on Rustic Cement TileLimestone Texture

Rustic Cement Tile with Luna Texture

Luna Texture

Rustic Cement Tile with Travertine Finish

Travertine Texture

Rustic Cement Tile with Smooth Finish

Smooth Texture

Concrete Color

Classic  Premium Signature
Cotto Dark
Cotto Gold 
Tuscan Mustard
Antik Gray
Artillo Cafe
Beachwood Flash
Cafe Olay
City Hall Red
Desert 1
Hacienda Flash
Mission Red
Natural Gray 
Old California
Red Flash
Rosa White Wash 
Sidewalk Gray
Sonora Sunset 
Spanish Inn Red
Used Desert
Used Red
Early Gray
Spanish Cotto
Saltillo Classico
*Creme Fraiche
Montage Gray 
*Douro Blend
El Segundo
*Gray Myst
Hermosa Blend
Josie Blend
Los Angeles
*Normandy Cream 
Ocean Green Dark 
Ocean Green Light 
*Portland Blend
Santa Monica
Tres Grises
*Winslet Blend

*Blend comes with texture

Concrete Color Blend Breakdown

Saltillo Classico Equal parts Saltillo, Desert 1, and Desert
Creme Fraiche Hacienda body with all flash colors (Antique Gray, Saltillo, Saltillo Cafe, Beachwood Flash, Cafe Olay, Cotto Dark, Cotto Gold, Hacienda Flash, Red Flash, Sonora Sunset, and Tuscan Mustard). All vintage texture.
Montage Gray Equal parts Sidewalk Gray, Natural Gray, Early Gray, and Charcoal
Douro Blend Equal parts Rosa, Mission Red, and City Hall Red. All vintage texture.
El Segundo 80% Saltillo Café, 10% Buff, and 10% Brown
Gray Myst Hacienda body with Limestone Texture and a Gray Wash
Hermosa Tuscan Mustard with more extreme Lighter and Darker variations
Josie Blend Equal parts Tuscan Mustard, Cotto Gold, and Cotto Dark
Los Angeles Equal parts Mission Red (Light Red), Mission Red 677 (Medium Red), Mission Red 860 (Dark Red)
Metro Equal parts Brown, Natural Gray, Charcoal
Normandy Cream Equal parts Cotto Gold, Cotto Dark, Saltillo, Saltillo Café, Tuscan Mustard. All with vintage texture.
Portland Equal Parts Sidewalk Gray, Natural Gray, and Charcoal. All vintage texture.
Santa Monica Equal parts Mission Red, Natural Gray, Hacienda, Hacienda Flash, Cotto Gold, and Cotto Dark
Spanish Cotto 80% Cotto Dark, 20% Cotto Gold
Tres Grises Equal parts Sidewalk Gray, Natural Gray, and Early Gray
Winslet Blend Equal Parts Gray Myst and Hacienda Limestone

Concrete Texture

Standard (Smooth) Standard does not need to be specified unless texture(s) is/are requested.
Limestone Features an organic, weathered appearance and generally lightens the original color.
Travertine Adds a rustic pitted surface.
Luna Our most distressed texture, inspired by the craters, seas and valleys of the moon.
Vintage Pieces feature a blend of Standard, Limestone, Travertine and Luna Texture.
Sandblast/ Acid Wash Exposed aggregate from fine to large.
Used Adds White and Black Accents to any base color. Example is Used Red.