Spanish Tiles from Avente

About our Spanish Tiles
Avente's Spanish Tiles are beautifully hand painted in a variety of colors and patterns on ceramic bisque. Our Spanish Tile designs are classics from the different regions of Spain and each piece is an exquisite rendition of a vintage tile.

History of Spanish Tiles
Around the 12th century, hand painted tiles came into general use in Europe after being created for hundred of years in Persia and Egypt. Spanish tile designs, patterns, and tile making techniques were greatly influenced by the Moors. Many regions of Spain have distinct styles, like Valencia, Mallorca, and Andalucia. For example, Valencia hand painted styles often incorporate stylistic floral patterns into a geometric design.

In present day, Spanish tiles have gained a reputation of using some of the most brilliant and varied color combinations. Their designs and have remained popular all over the world, especially in the United States.

Uses & Benefits of Spanish Tiles
Ceramic Spanish tiles have a wide range of uses and benefits. Traditionally, these types of designs were used as wainscoting. Today they are still used as full wall coverings, but are also great for back splashes, counter tops, showers, bath accents, swimming pools, fountains, windows, stair risers, and floor accent tiles. In addition to their wide variety of uses, Spanish tiles provide more versatility and value than any other material. They are color permanent and abrasion resistant. There is never a need to wax, polish or buff. With so many colors, patterns, and tile sizes to choose from, ceramic tile gives you the capability to create any design element you desire.

Avente offers a full collection of Spanish tile designs and other products that are at the forefront of their class. Our ceramic tile line is stylistically superior and like no other you will find. Please contact us with your specific design requirements and we can help you find a tile to fit your needs.

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