Tile Techniques: Backsplash Options

Three basic and common tile techniques to consider when tiling a backsplash.

  1.  Bullnose - A wall must be flat and in sound condition when setting backsplash tiles directly on it. With this method, standard bullnose tiles work best.Backsplash Tile Technique Showing Bullnose Tile 
  2. Cap - to mimic the look of a traditional mortar-bed installation, use plywood or cement backer board to build up the backsplash. V-cap tiles along the top edge finish the look.Tile Technique show the use of cap when tiling a backsplash


  3. Cove - to make cleanup a snap, use cove tiles in the corner. This creates a more rounded look in between your countertop and backsplash.Tile technique using a coved tile for a backsplash