Yucatan Glaze Variation, Hardness and Use

Glaze hardness, specified in the Mohs scale of hardness, determines a tile's rating or Group. The Group rating is a number between one and five that provides application or use information. In others words, if you know a tile's Group Number, then you'll know where it can be used for the longest life with minimal care.

The Group rating scale is listed below for reference. Hardness and Group ratings for the Yucatan glazes are listed below, along with the variation you should expect in the glaze. When purchasing samples, you should also consider buying three or four pieces if the tile glaze has variation. This allows you to see the full range of variation and ensure that it meets your requirements.


Durability and Glaze Colors

All glazed tile are subject to wear over time. Wear is a function of specific site conditions, including the environment and use (pool tile, wall tile, etc.). To determine the suitability for specific applications, each Yucatan glaze has been tested and ranked on the Mohs scale and classified according to hardness and recommended use. Light colors and matte glazes are a better choice in heavy use areas rather than dark colors and gloss finished glazes because scratches on the tile surface are less apparent. Floor mats at entries or other means must be provided for people to clean abrasive materials off their shoes before walking on a glazed tile floor.



Tile Usage Guide, Glaze Hardness

  • Group 1 (MOHS 4-5): All interior and exterior vertical surfaces and bathroom floors.
  • Group 2 (MOHS 5-6): General residential except entry and kitchen floors.
  • Group 3 (MOHS 6-7): All residential; light commercial floors with diffused traffic.
  • Group 4 (MOHS 7-8): Moderate commercial floor use.
  • Group 5 (MOHS 8-9): Commercial applications where extra durability is required.



Glaze Variation Range Notes

  • Slight - The color of this tile can vary slightly.
  • Yes - The color of this tile can vary slightly to moderately.
  • Very - The color of this tile can vary significantly.
  • Max - The color of this tile can show a large variation.



Blanco 2 slight
Brick Flash 3 very
Cobalt 1 yes
Dark Green 2 slight
Durango 2 slight
Garnet 3 slight
Light Buckskin 2 slight
Linen 2 slight
Olive Drab 2 slight
Satin White 2 slight
Balboa 1 very
Verde 2 yes