Malibu Floris

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6"x6" 1 1 1
5"x5" 1 1 1
4"x4" 1 1 1
3"x3" 1 1 1

Decorative ceramic tiles inspired by California's Spanish Revival Period of the 1920's.
  • Hand-painted using the Cuerda Seca (dry cord) technique.
  • Slight relief from pooled glazes.
  • High-fire body is freeze/thaw resistant.
  • Can be made for pools and fountains or floors.
  • Made-to-order in the USA. Allow 2-3 weeks.
  • Samples and some inventory may be available for quick ship.

Colorway A Glazes: Cobalt #2758C, Spanish Moss #5615C, Fawn Brown Matte #470U, Caramel Matte#7403U, Sunset Orange #7620C

Colorway B Glazes: Cobalt #2758C, Powder Blue #7458C, Spanish Moss #5615C, Fawn Brown Matte #470U, Plum #7642C

Colorway C Glazes: Background is Terracotta (unglazed), Warm Sand #WG1C, Spanish Moss #5615C, Caramel Matte#7403U, Sunset Orange #7620C

Design Tip: Create a coordinated look by pairing with plain tile, molding or trim from our Malibu field tile.  Simply choose colors used in the pattern's colorway.

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