Pool Tile Surface Bullnose

  • $6.70

Pool Tile Surface Bullnose Product Details

The price is per piece. To provide a finished look between a tiled surface and another surface, like a painted wall, consider using surface bullnose (SBN) tile along the transition edge. One edge of the tile has a glazed radius edge to provide a transition to a wall or other surface. In general, use the same size surface bullnose as the field tile. Corner bullnose or double bullnose are also available.

Application and Use

Application and use recommendations for this tile are listed below. For more information, see our Application and Use Guidelines.

Application Icon: Tile is Suitable for Indoor UseApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Outdoor Use Subject to Climate and InstallationApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Wall UseApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Wet Locations
  • Suitable for all indoor and outdoor wall applications
  • Ideal for high-temperature areas around ranges and fireplace surrounds, including radiant heat installations
  • Suitable for outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation
  • FROST RESISTANT. This tile is not porous and meets testing guidelines for use in frosty environments subjected to freeze/thaw conditions. 
  • Suitable for wet locations like shower walls and steam rooms 
  • Ideal for submerged areas like pools or fountains

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