Avente Tile Introduces Rustic Terracotta Tiles

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I am excited to introduce our new line of Rustic Terracotta tiles. These high-fired tiles can be used on wall or floors and just about any application. Rustic Terracotta tiles are available in a variety of glazed and unglazed colors and just about any shape. They are a perfect choice for creating Traditional Spanish and Spanish Colonial looks popular here in Los Angles; but, work well with any style of architecture, including commercial. As with many of our lines, these tiles are designed to echo your taste to create a look that speaks to you.

Rustic Terracotta tiles are hand-made clay tiles that are high-fired stoneware, also known as quarry tile. These tiles are distinguished by their color variation and irregularity. The fired bisque incorporates clay and other natural products and are available both unglazed or glazed. Glazed tiles will change very little due to the impervious surface provided by the glaze. Unglazed tiles have more porosity and will develop a patina over time. Unglazed tiles can be sealed to protect the surface from staining; but, they will change over time as they are exposed to the elements and environment. With glazed tiles, our Rustic glazes exhibit the most variation in color; but, expect variation in our Studio glazes too.

Rustic Terracotta
Rustic Terracotta, shown in Light Copper, is a high-fired stoneware product. The flat surfaces and square edges create a traditional look.

Further, the tile body, or bisque, is a rustic tile and slight variations in thickness and overall dimensions from piece to piece are part of the beauty of a handcrafted product. These distinctive high-fired tiles are square-edged with flat surfaces and ideal for commercial and high-traffic locations. These tiles are acceptable for almost any application including indoor floors and walls, as well as outdoor environments. All tiles are freeze-thaw rated.

Additionally, although these tiles are made in the USA, they are made to order, and as such, most orders ship within three to four weeks. Glaze chips and sample formats can be ordered and generally ship within one to two days.

Rustic Terracotta
Rustic Terracotta in different format and glazes create a patchwork for this patio.

Unglazed, high-fired bisque in Mission Red and Mission Braun pay homage to old California Mission style with their variation in color. Studio Glaze dots - small format tiles - in various colors are used as accents. Further enhancing their appeal for this installation, and because of their handmade nature, surface imperfections and color variation on our Rustic Terracotta tiles are not only characteristic and inherent, but should expected.

Rustic Terracotta
Rustic Terracotta Hexagon and Stair Tread in Mission Red with Malibu Liner.

Versatility is also key to our Rustic Terracotta tile collection. Not only are there more than two dozen available formats and sizes, but there are also more than a dozen Rustic Glazes and Glaze Blends options, with an additional 52 Pantone-inspired Studio Glazes, available!

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