Moroccan Cement Tile is Perfect Pattern for Bath Floor

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With its classic Moroccan cement tile pattern, our Mission Marrakech is a perfect choice for this pool bathroom's floor. The mix of cool blues and complementary brown and yellow maintains a sophisticated vibe that is soothing, echoing a water theme. The cement tile pattern pays tribute to the elaborate Islamic geometric patterns often created with Zellige terracotta tiles. A unique style of mosaic tile in Arabic patterns that could be found decorating fountains, walls and floors throughout Morocco. 


You can see why the homeowner choose this tile for her new home's pool bathroom floor in Houston, Texas. Her choice of jewel blue hues like aqua, peacock and blue allowed this traditional, geometric pattern to be customized for a cool and refreshing design. I also love the use of the pillowed ceramic tile on the counter. Avente's Pillow Chiclet tiles in Aqua and River create a mosaic effect that not only balances with the floor mosaic, but also takes a design cue from traditional Moroccan mosaic tiles.

Counter and Floor Tiles
Counter and Floor Tiles Take Design Cues from Moroccan Zellige Tiles


Pillow Chiclet Ceramic Tile
Detail of Bathroom Counter that uses Avente's Pillow Chiclet Ceramic Tile


Bathroom Floor
Detail of Bathroom Floor tiled with Moroccan Cement Tile

If you've never seen Zellige tiles used for a mosaic, then here's a great example of the mesmerizing patterns and intricate level of detail and craftsmanship ubiquitous to Morocco. The complex, intertwined sacred geometry is painstakingly worked out in every detail.

Moroccan Zellige Mosaic Tiles
Moroccan Zellige Mosaic Tiles
Image Credit: Lillian Sizemore Blog

It's easy to see how well the cement tile replicate the essence of the zellige tile mosaics. Below is a rendering of the Moroccan cement tile pattern, Marrakech, from our Mission line of cement tiles. Using cement tile with traditional, Moroccan geometric patterns are a great way to add flair and style to your home.

Mission Marrakech
Rendering of Mission Marrakech 8" x 8" Cement Tile Grouping


Moroccan Tiles from Avente Tile

Looking for Moroccan tiles? Let us help! Here's your starting point for all Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles and cement tiles. Our collection of Moroccan high-fired, hand-glazed ceramic tiles are designed for use on walls. They can also be used in frosty environments. Standard sizes are 6"-square; but, scaled versions are also available in 5"-, 4"-, and 3"-square formats.


Cement tile
Cement tile with Moroccan patterns on a wall using Casablanca (wainscot pattern),
Hispaniola chair rail (white), and Veridian (Green) planks in chevron pattern

If you like the patterned cement tile flooring showcased here, then you might also be interested in our Moroccan cement tiles. Cement tiles are a great choice for floors; but, they can be used on walls as well! Additionally, we have plain cement tiles in Arabesque or interlocking Geometric formats that can be used on floors. If you need further assistance, please let us know!

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