Cement Tile Create Perfect Patio for Seaside Grill

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Cement tile from Avente's Artist series help create a calm, relaxed atmosphere on the outdoor patio at the Bluewater Grill Seafood Restaurant in Redondo Beach, California. The patio provides a peaceful retreat and is a great place to catch the sunset and grilled fresh seafood. Take a look at how cement tile were part of the design and help create the ambiance of this seaside grill's patio.


The restaurant, located in King Harbor, is nestled next to the sailboats and yachts and commands views of the harbor and Santa Monica Bay. Only a short distance from bustling downtown Los Angeles and busy LAX, the outdoor patio seems a world away. Cement tile on the patio are part of the contemporary, relaxed patio that makes dining on the patio comfortable and fun. Sun sails provide shade during the day and a gas fire pit and gas heaters provide warmth on cool nights. Other design accents that work with the design are varnished wood and clear glass panels that separate the patio from the harbor.

The Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach, California features an outdoor patio for dining
The Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach, California features an outdoor patio for dining
Avente's encaustic cement tile pattern, Union 1A, is part of the Artist series
Avente's encaustic cement tile pattern, Union 1A, is part of the Artist series

Cement Tile Pattern, Color and Layout

Capitalizing on California's great year-round weather, the outdoor patio can be utilized year-round and cement tile provides durability against both the elements and heavy floor traffic. To create a contemporary feel, a simple pattern with negative space was chosen. The pattern and colorway, Union 1A is by Tania Marmolejo from our Artist series.


In this design, the Union 1A pattern tile was framed with plain tile to make a rug. The plain tile outside the rug is Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow is the background color in the pattern. The interlocking circle pattern is created with White, Antique Ivory, and Ash Gray. The interlocking circle pattern plays well with the restaurant's existing architecture. The soft, dark grey color palette is easy to work with and complements the design. A 10-inch square format was used for both the Union 1A and Dark Shadow tiles.

The patio floor at Bluewater Grill uses cement tile to create a casual, relaxed space

The patio floor at Bluewater Grill uses cement tile to create a casual, relaxed space


The Union 3A pattern tile is framed with plain tile, Dark Shadow, to create a rug


About the Restaurant Design

The design of the space at the Bluewater Grill was completed by the Los Angeles-based design firm, Kelly Architects. Owner of Avente Tile, Bill Buyok, worked with Tina Doherty of Kelly Architects to confirm colors, lead times and requirements for using encaustic cement tile in a commercial flooring application. Kelly Architects is an interior architectural design studio that specializes in hospitality projects, including restaurants, bars, and hotels. True to their Southern California home, Kelly Architects has been instrumental in the success of venues in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles and noted for their "turn-key" designs for renovated restaurants and bars.

The natural variation in plain cement tile of the same color provide interest and add soul


Cement tile

Cement tile are part of the casual design for the outdoor dining patio at the Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach


The Artist Series of Cement Tile

The Union pattern is part of Avente Tile's Artist collection of encaustic cement tile. The Union 1A pattern and colorway was created by Tania Marmolejo. The Artist series was expanded in 2014, with eight new different designs, each presented in three color options. These 10"x10" cement tiles feature new, contemporary designs that are ideal for commercial spaces. Tania's designs contain a mixture of her Scandinavian heritage. Her use of decorative, interwoven lines illustrate the natural environments resembling Nordic folk art, ancient Vikings styles, as include Caribbean influences include color, warmth, and the sea.



Design Inspiration for Commercial Cement Tile Design

With so many patterns and color choices available, cement tiles create and influence the design of any space. Cement tile are one of the best choices for commercial spaces if you want to add design flair or create unique ambiance or feel. As your partner in offering only the best in handmade encaustic cement tile, Avente Tile will help bring your design plans to fruition. Let Avente Tile help you find the perfect pattern and color for your commercial space. From traditional patterns in complex color palettes to contemporary patterns in black and white or custom patterns and colors, we have the knowledge and skill to provide solutions.


We also provide flexibility with our selection of stocked cement tiles when project schedule dictates that you don't have 8 to 12 weeks for a custom tile. A successful design and installation is achieved with planning. Combine that plan with our design services and years of experience and you're sure to meet the project goals for a great look on budget and on time. From inspiration to installation, we can help. Our Cement Tile Design gallery features a large collection of commercial projects for inspiration including commercial, restaurant and hospitality projects. Can we help inspire you today?



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