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With an increased appreciation of vintage and historical patterns or a twist toward contemporary design, it's no wonder large hexagon tile, both plain and patterned, are enjoying the spotlight. Add customization to the factor, and you have Avente Tile's Hexagonal Cement Tile collection! Steeped in a rich history of architectural, design and natural elements, the hexagon is a fundamental shape when it comes to building. The six-sided polygon, which can be found in honeycombs, crystals, snowflakes, and most importantly tile, creates a classic and distinguished look.


Beginning in late 2013, it was evident the hexagon was once again climbing in ranks as a desirable shape in the designs and patterns of tile. Continuing the trend today, hexagons play a more sophisticated role in terms of visual and tactile significance with increased offerings in cement, ceramic and porcelain. While the hexagonal shape is used in everything from small mosaic tiles to large format tiles, we love the the use of large hexagon tile as both a flooring and wall tile. You can can add patterns, textures and detail to further elevate the hexagon's allure as a design element.

Large hexagon tile adorn this patio. The rustic look is created with cement tiles and a vintage texture.

Large Hexagon Tile with Patterns

Considered both timely and timeless, the Mission Hexagonal Cement Tile collection showcases the new-found appreciation and use of geometrical and natural shapes in today's interior and exterior design portfolios.


Offered in 8 formats, the Mission Hexagonal Cement Tile collection features six unique patterns and designs, including: Adele, Agatha, Alexa, Amy, Frame, and Honeycomb. Choose colors from our Mission Palette to customize and use plain tiles in three or four different colors laid randomly for a contemporary look that easily adds color.


 Large hexagon tile are available in different patterns, like these from our Mission Hexagonal Line.


Agatha pattern
Our Agatha pattern is a large hexagon tile format and was used in neutral colors for this wall.


Design trick: Use a patterned hexagon tile for rooms that aren't square or rectangular, are badly out of plumb or odd-shaped. The pattern and hexagon shape, when run to the edge of the room, hide all of the problems you'd have when using square or rectangular tile.

Further, the design flexibility of cement tiles means you get to pick the color for a unique design that speaks to you. Consider blue, green and aqua for a bathroom. Choose red, orange and yellow for a bright, warm patio or sunroom, or opt for a more neutral palette, such as the one shown above for a wall. Below you can see a rendering of the same Agatha pattern, customized with green and neutral colors based on the customer's design choices.

Hexagon cement tiles
Hexagon cement tiles can be customized. Avente Tile rendering based on customer's color and pattern choices.

Large Hexagon Tile in Plain, Solid Colors

The classic, sexy symmetrical shape of large hexagon tiles create a timeless look when only used in a single color.

Plain terracotta hexagon
Plain terracotta hexagon tiles with an occasional pattern are a classic. Adamson House, Malibu, California.


8" or 7" Hexagon Cement Tile in Heritage Jet Black

Create a mosaic with large hexagon tile. The flexibility of tile and the geometry of a hexagon work well with most architectural styles. Simply work with three or four colors and you can create one-of-a-kind mosaics for the floor or wall using either cement and ceramic tile.

 Artist Thimo Pimental
Life of Riley by Artist Thimo Pimental is a modular mosaic
using plain and patterned hexagon cement tile
Hexagon Cement
Hexagon cement tile in Charley Brown with a texture creates a vintage look.

For additional purchasing, design and installation tips and recommendations using large hexagon tiles, visit Avente's Hexagon Cement Tile Buying Guide.




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