Sosua Cement Tile Creates Luxury Lounge for Hotel Property

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published to the Blog on October 28, 2014.   Because this is a notable project, I have updated some information and included all of the images.  Enjoy!


Cement tiles have the ability to create luxurious, rich designs in any environment; but, the effect is breathtaking and awesome when applied to commercial applications for restaurants and hotels because of their grand scale.  The lobby of this upscale ocean-front Caribbean resort opens up to a beach via this lido that welcomes guests and invites them to relax, linger and enjoy the view.

Cement Tile can provide breath taking interiors in commercial applicationsSosua Cement Tile 32

While it's hard to improve upon the beauty of cement tile, the use of a large sweeping arch in this installation provides a soft, organic curve that plays with the stylized floral pattern.  The effect is breathtaking and apropos for the beach setting and view.

Sosua Cement Tile 33 Cement tiles create a luxurious lido for this hotel property

The cement tile for this commercial installation provides an opulent tapestry.  The sumptuous design is enhanced by choosing a layout that includes a large sweeping arch and grand scale. The Traditional Sosua  pattern</a> makes use of rich, complex colors that add to the grandeur.  I love the use of Indigo with yellow, gold and suede in this color palette.


For a dramatic effect, create a circular rug or large arch with patterned cement tile. This type of layout requires expert installation skills and planning. Because each tile has to be cut, both material and installation costs will be more. However, the effect is nothing short of stunning.


Sosua Cement Tile 25


Sosua Cement Tile 25Sosua Cement Tile 26Sosua Cement Tile 27Sosua Cement Tile 28Sosua Cement Tile 29Sosua Cement Tile 30Sosua Cement Tile 15Sosua Cement Tile 17Sosua Cement Tile 18Sosua Cement Tile 19Sosua Cement Tile 20Sosua Cement Tile 21Sosua Cement Tile 22Sosua Cement Tile 23Sosua Cement Tile 11Sosua Cement Tile 12Sosua Cement Tile 13Sosua Cement Tile 14Sosua Cement Tile 15Sosua Cement Tile 7Sosua Cement Tile 8Sosua Cement Tile 9Sosua Cement Tile 10Sosua Cement Tile 4Sosua Cement Tile 5Sosua Cement Tile 6Sosua Cement Tile 1Sosua Cement Tile 2Sosua Cement Tile 3

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