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Today we welcome a fresh perspective to the blog with a post by Ryan Tollefsen, a realtor for Unity Home Group at Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group. Ryan shares a mix of what he's been seeing and hearing about tile in the real estate world from both buyers and sellers. Thanks, Ryan!


Tile has no doubt been one of the most versatile materials a homeowner could ever choose for their abode. It's no wonder it's managed to stay popular even as new trends and innovations were introduced on the scene. One reason it's kept its allure is that the tile industry has been willing to bend and change with modern tastes. For homeowners who might need a little inspiration for their remodels and renovations, it's time to look at the new shapes of tile in 2018. 


Geometrical Nuance 

Large Format Tile Provide Contemporary Look for this Bath      

Large Format Tile Provide Contemporary Look for this Bath

Most people are used to seeing the standard squares or rectangles of tile in kitchens and bathrooms. Once in a while, they may even catch a few hexagons that create an almost hypnotic effect if left to stare at the patterns for too long. But the tile of today is becoming far more varied for homeowners who crave some variety. The selection of shapes now includes crosses, diamonds, and tiles that are shaped in the form of specific letters. For those who can't afford to create their own custom shapes, it's only going to get easier to create the perfect look no matter their budget. 


Better Materials 

Advanced Materials Used in Making Tiles Provide More Options for HomeownersAdvanced Materials in Tiles Provide More Options for Homeowners

Traditional materials of today have been given a makeover when it comes to their overall presentation. Concrete tiles can now be hand-crafted in a variety of shades and they're perfect for creating non-slip surfaces in a kitchen or bathroom. Terracotta is not as shiny as it used to be and its homey glaze is a welcome addition for homeowners trying to increase both the aesthetics and functionality of their home. For those who like the look of wood, they can now order porcelain and ceramic tiles that have been crafted to look like wood grain, giving the room a much warmer vibe. Those more adept homeowners looking to install new tiles as a DIY project should be aware of the best tools needed for such projects.


Bold Colors

Bold Colors in Wall Tiles Provide an Accent Wall That is Inviting and UniqueBold Color Tiles Create an Accent Wall that is Unique and Inviting

 Neutral tiles give people a reason to splurge on bold shower curtains or buy those blood-red towels. But more and more homeowners are finding they don't have to compromise their decorating schemes just because they spring for a little extra color for their tiles. Just as homeowners can add a new appeal with a simple coat of paint in the rest of their home's interior, bold tiles can minimize the need for loud accents. This doesn't mean people are flocking toward intense turquoise or sun-bright orange tiles, but it does mean they're starting to experiment with how different shades can work together to complete a room.

Cement tiles on the floor combine effortlessly with mosaic tiles

Cement tiles on the floor combine effortlessly with mosaic tiles in a bold gold


Texture Is In

Relief Tiles like Avente's Elevations Cement Wall Tile Provide Texture for a Shower WallAvente's Elevations Cement Wall Tile Provide Texture for a Shower Wall

Walls and floors that have interesting textures are definitely in style right now and that's unlikely to change anytime soon. (This is good news for anyone looking to increase the resale value of their home.) A guest doesn't have to run their hands over a wall or take off their socks to know that they're not looking at a perfectly flat surface. The textures don't have to be drastic though, they can be as easy as installing slate tile with natural variations to give the walls or floors some extra character.


A Wave of Grids

There used to be a heavy emphasis placed on the square tiles of 60 years ago or so, but they have largely fallen out of public favor for their seemingly old-fashioned vibes. Except of course, for when they're framing the modern appliances of today. A jacuzzi bathtub or exposed sink may be exactly what the old styles of yesterday need to update their look. Homeowners may also want to consider tiny penny tiles if they don't want to use the standard 4x4 grid.

Glazed Arabesque Leon Tile in Several Colors

Glazed Arabesque Leon Tile in Several Colors Break Out of Traditional Grid Lines

Homeowners who understand the versatility of tile have that many more choices to get the look they want today. These trends point toward more dramatic designs and materials that add more personality and charm to an otherwise standard kitchen or bathroom. It has less to do with a person's budget or architectural components and more to do with the colors, textures, and styles that fit with the decorator's creative vision. Whether embarking on a mini-remodel or a full renovation, homeowners have a wider selection than ever before! 


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