Alcala Cement Tile on Bath Wall

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The beauty in cement tile patterns creates distinctive and eye-catching accents for walls and backsplash installations.

Alcala Cement Tile on Bath Wall

Cement tiles pair well with wood and natural stone - especially when the pattern's colors complement or "pull-out" the natural materials that share the space.

In this bath installation, notice how nicely the wood tones match the brown tones in the tile? The neutral colors in the stone create a balance with the bolder tile pattern that's easy to love.

Our Traditional Alcala Cement Tile pattern was customized using blues and yellows that complement the browns in the tile and the wood. The pattern is applied as accent strips along the edges ot the room. The full pattern is placed on one wall that is reflected from the mirror. This approach keeps the room from getting too busy - especially when a mirror reflects the tile's pattern.

All of our Traditional Cement Tiles provide amazing design flexibility since they can be customized using the colors from our Heritage Color Palette.

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