Cement Tile Creates Luxurious Resort Lido

Posted by William Buyok on

Cement tiles have the ability to create luxurious, rich designs in any environment. Yet, their effect on commercial applications, such as restaurants and hotels, can be even more breathtaking because of the size of the area to be tiled.

Cement Tile Creates Luxurious Resort Lido

For example, the lobby of this upscale ocean-front Caribbean resort opens to the beach. Guests crossing the lido are invited to relax, linger and enjoy the view.

While it's hard to improve upon the beauty of cement tile, the opulent tapestry of color and pattern in this commercial installation is further enhanced by the large, sweeping arch. The Traditional Sosua pattern makes use of rich, complex colors like indigo, gold, and suede, all of which add to this resort's grandeur.

If you want to create a luxurious design or make a statement that will be remembered, consider using cement tiles in your design. The rich colors and detail in the patterns can't be missed!

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