Cement Tile Creates Calming Resort Spa

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Designers cleverly chose cement tile flooring for this resort spa to achieve a calm and peaceful atmosphere in a commercial setting.

Cement Tile Creates Calming Resort Spa

The Geometric Diamond Pattern uses two shades of light green on a white background to emphasize the interlocking circles. I love how the darker shade of green is used to help create the illusion of over-lapping circles.

Geometric patterns in a straight-forward color palette with only a few colors are a great way to create a contemporary look in commercial applications. To achieve a contemporary look with cement tile, choose patterns that aren't too fussy, like our Geometric patterns.  Limit yourself to two or three colors, pairing a neutral with another color in different shades or lighter/darker saturation.

Cement Tile Creates Calming Resort Spa

Commercial flooring is often dismissed as unimportant and reduced to low-cost options. In this spa, the opposite approach was taken. The flooring is the design element that establishes the theme, creates the ambiance and sets the tone. The cement tile floor utilizes a simple interlocking circle pattern and two-tone color palette in soothing green to create tranquility. Other smart design choices were made to complement the theme; one of my favorite is the use of white river rock along the corridors and stacked white rock at the reception desk. The river rock mimics the tile pattern and provides the soothing effect of a flowing stream.


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