Cuban Tile Pattern Creates Alluring Outdoor Rug

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Make a statement with the bright colors and bold patterns that only Cuban tile can offer. These historical cement tile patterns with their deep, rich colors originated or evolved from the heyday of Cuba's Golden Age of the early 1900s.

Cuban Tile Pattern Creates Alluring Outdoor Rug

In this Florida installation, the Cuban cement tile rug pairs well with the surrounding large format neutral stone in creating an eye-catching focal point for the homeowner's living area.


Tips for Cement Tile Rugs

Thinking about creating a tile rug with our cement tiles? Then make sure to review our Tips for a Cement Tile Rug Design. To ensure your tile project's installation will be successful, utilize a tile layout plan to help both yourself and your tile installer visualize the exact location of each tile. Having a tile plan on-hand will also help you and your installer identify any trouble spots prior to the work commencing.


Cement Tile Layout Plans

At Avente Tile, we take great pride in our work and design services. We want your project to be a success from the planning, purchasing and installation stages of your cement tiles. It's for those reasons that our services include the design and layout of your space. We are more than happy to take the time to design and plan your upcoming cement tile installation.

Together with you or your designer, and/or installer, we'll provide a dimensional drawing that details the cement tile's floor plan and layout. The layout will indicate not only where the individual cement tiles will be placed, but also show the grout lines and any required cuts to the tile. It's a great way to finalize your design and make sure it all works seamlessly. For complex or irregular installations, you will save money, time and most importantly, unnecessary frustration.

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