Cuban Tiles Make a Perfect Powder Room

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Cuban tile patterns in a classic color palette make a perfect powder room with lots of pizazz!

Cuban Tiles Make a Perfect Powder Room

Cement tiles are often called encaustic cement tile or Cuban tiles; but a rose by any other name is still a rose! The Cuban Heritage Collection is a stunning line of 8" x 8" cement floor tiles that revive the historical colors and designs used in Havana and Camaguey. Each original pattern comes in three colorways: one using the original, traditional colors; and two that use more contemporary colors. For this installation, the cement tile colors used in the powder room include Heritage Pearl Gray and Heritage Dark Shadow.

Our clients, the Attras, expressed their extreme satisfaction and happiness with how this powder room turned out. You have superior and unique products, and provided a great customer service experience. We look forward to getting more tiles from you in about a year from now once we get ready to redo another bathroom.

Our Cuban Heritage Collection differs from other cement flooring tiles through its more elaborate patterns, stronger colors, and prominent double borders.

Cement Tile Design Tips

Our experience and knowledge of cement tiles spans more than a decade. With that knowledge, comes a portfolio that were more than happy to share. Whether youre just in the planning stages, or have decided on a color palette, were here to help you. See our Cement Tile Installation Guide for further details, or watch a slide show of all the Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Designs and be ready to be inspired.

Rest assured that if you dont see a specific cement tile color combination in our catalog or within our design ideas, you can utilize our Cement Tile Customization Services using colors from our Heritage Colors of cement tile.

Lastly, cement tile is different in many respects from ceramic tile. It's these differences that often surprise people. To prevent any type of unexpected situation, we recommend downloading our Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile which details everything you need to know before buying cement tile.

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