Cuban Tiles Create a Tropical Splash

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In this tropical-inspired bath, Cuban Tiles are used on the floor and to create a backsplash. Cuban tiles are also called cement tiles.

Cuban Tiles Create a Tropical SplashCuban Tiles Create a Tropical Splash

In this installation, Cuban Heritage Design 130-3B is used in a common cement tile size of 8" x 8". The design is anything but traditional because the Cuban tiles are used as wainscoting along the walls and includes a border design. The border row of cement tile for the wall application is custom made with a bull-nose edge that provides a finished look.

The colorway shown here is very contemporary and tropical. The primary colors are cool blues with light pink or salmon accents.

When installing the same pattern on vertical and horizontal surfaces, the use of border tiles at the edge of the floor and wall provides a transition. This and other great ideas are discussed in our blog: Tips for a Contemporary Look Using Cement Tiles. You can substitute colors to create a custom look using colors from our Heritage Colors of cement tile.

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