Historical Cuban Tile Floors Offer Time-Tested Patterns

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These Cuban tiles are from an original installation from a library in Old Havana, Cuba (circa 1920). This classic pattern and colorway is available today from Avente Tile as Cuban Heritage Design 120 1A in an eight-inch square format.

Historical Cuban Tile Floors Offer Time-Tested Patterns

Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Collection

The collection of Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles is a set of historical designs. Each design or pattern is available in three colorways: one with the original color combination found in Cuba, and two others with more modern and subtle colors.

For instance, besides the colorway shown, there are two additional colorways available for this pattern:


Cuba's Cement Tile Heritage

Cuban Heritage Collection
         is a set of Cuban tile patterns that have been re-discovered from old homes and estates in Havana and Camagüey, Cuba. In many cases, debris was removed to find the beautiful Cuban floor tile. Since many of the old buildings are being destroyed or renovated, we are fortunate to have found these designs; otherwise, the patterns and tiles would be lost forever.


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