Restaurant's Cement Tile Rug Adds Depth, Interest

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A beautiful cement tile design is used in this dining room in place of an area rug. Not only does the rug add interest to the space, its warm yellow tones make the room seem bright and fresh.

Restaurant's Cement Tile Rug Adds Depth, Interest

The pattern used to create this decorative rug is our Traditional Melilla Cement Tile. 

How Cement Tiles are Made

Each tile is handmade by expert craftsmen who use a process developed over a century ago. Slight changes in the materials and tools have improved the quality of these magnificent Cuban tiles.

The tiles are handmade from a mixture of natural materials including crushed limestone, Portland cement, aggregate (small stones), sand and water. Up to 25 artisans handle each tile during the manufacturing process. Some hydraulically press the tile, others rack the tile before it is submerged in a water bath for 24 hours, and a few will layer and pour the mineral pigment in metal molds before it is set out to air-dry for about two weeks. These hand-crafted techniques create tiles with subtle surfaces and imperfections, providing exquisite character and depth.

Expect Color Variation in Concrete Tile

Because these tiles are handmade, color variation is to be expected on both solid and patterned tiles. Generally, the range of color is complementary. However, inspect the material before it is installed. We also recommend a dry layout prior to installation.


Cement Tile Design Idea

The use of cement tile in high-traffic areas is quite common throughout Europe and South America where it can be seen on the floors, walls, steps and even ceilings, of centuries-old churches, homes and businesses.

With these highly durable products comes longevity. Cement tile's strength lies in its beauty, its skid-resistance, and most notably, its ability to age gracefully since the manufacturing process dictates for the color to be about 1/8"-thick.

For more cement tile design inspiration, check our pages on, our boards on Pinterest, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas portfolio page.

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